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Lawn care for Fairfield and New Haven Counties
We're the landscape maintenance service that will make you the envy of your neighborhood

We are meticulous. We want to leave your property and make it stand out from "just a cut." We take the time to ensure your lawn looks its absolute best. 

We service our machines to perform at the optimum level. We keep our blades razor sharp to cut the grass and NOT tear the grass blade with dull blades.

We mow at the appropriate mowing heights that varies throughout the seasons. We want to ensure that we're doing everything that we can to maximize the look and health of your lawn.

We can bag or side discharge the clippings for you. We recommend discharging the clippings for natural fertilization. We bag as needed so thatch levels are not at a suffocating level for the health of the turf. We make sure we keep the clippings out of the beds! All surfaces are cleared of clippings whenever we service.

We can add topsoil, stone and mulch. Sometime's it's not enough to add seeds and water the lawn. Everything grows better in a fresh layer of topsoil. We also can add stone and mulch to areas that were beaten by harsh weather.